The following terms apply as indicated on the face of Purchase Orders. In the event any term cannot be met, notify R&D Inc.’s Purchasing Agent immediately.


1.   Reservation of Government, Regulatory Authorities and Customer Rights: During performance on this purchase order, your inspection system and manufacturing processes are subject to review, verification, inspection and analysis by authorized Government Representative , Regulatory Authority and/or R&D’s customer. Government/Customer inspection or release of product prior to shipments is not required unless you are otherwise notified.


2.   Optional R&D Source Inspection: R&D source inspection reserves the right to inspect any or all the materials on this purchase order. If the supplier is notified in writing by R&D of mandatory inspection points, the supplier will be required to notify R&D Quality Control 48 hours in advance. Shipments shall not be made without accompanying source release inspection stamp by R&D Representative, or a waiver issued by R&D Quality Control office. Copies of the purchase order with change orders and related documents shall be made available to the R&D Representative upon request.


3.   Government Inspection: “Government inspection is required prior to shipment from your plant. Upon receipt of this purchase order, promptly notify the Government Representative who normally services your plant so that appropriate planning for Government inspection can be accomplished.” The Government QAR shall also be notified 72 hours in advance of the time articles and materials are ready for inspection or test. The supplier shall furnish copies of purchasing documents to the Government Representative upon his request. In the event the representative or office cannot be located, our purchasing agent should be notified immediately.


4.   Material Conformance: Submit with each shipment a certificate of conformance certifying that all materials shipped against this purchase order are in conformance with the requirements of the purchase order and any specifications that are included. Certifications must be dated and signed by an official of the company. NOTE: The vendor shall supply the Hazardous Material identification System (HMIS) and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with the material as required.


4a. Hardware Certification-Distributor: For each item on this purchase order, the supplier shall submit a legible copy of the manufacture’s certification for the hardware supplied and state that the hardware supplied was manufactured and acceptance tested in accordance with the applicable specifications. Distributors shall make every attempt to purchase material direct from the manufacture. When such is not possible, the distributor will provide documentation that identifies all distributors and the manufacture with each shipment.


5.   Packaging: The supplier’s Quality Control organization shall be responsible for ensuring that items of this procurement are packaged in such a manner that the dimensional integrity is preserved, contamination and corrosion are prevented, and no physical damage occurs, or when specified, that packaging is in accordance with the applicable Packing, Handling, Storage, and Transportation and requirements documentation cited in and attached to the order.


6.   Limited Life/Age Control: All items with limited shelf life shall be clearly marked with the manufacture’s name, type of material, shelf life, date of manufacture, and usability limiting date. A minimum of 75% of shelf life shall be remaining on all items on this order. If items have no shelf life limitations, supplier shall so state in shipping documents.           NOTE: The vendor shall supply the Hazardous Material identification System (HMIS) and the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) with the material as required.


7.   Material Control: Submit with each shipment one reproducible record of ACTUAL chemical and/or physical analysis and a certification of conformance to the applicable material specification(s) including revision letter(s) and identification by heat, lot, or melt number.


7a. Material Control: If material or hardware is supplied by R&D, a copy of the R&D shipping document must accompany your return shipment to R&D along with a certification that hardware was procured from the material supplied by R&D. In either case all certifications must be dated and signed by an official of your organization. ALL unused material (including any drop) supplied by R&D must be returned to R&D identified with the Purchase Order number, and material type unless otherwise directed by R&D buyer.


8.   Material Traceability: Submit with each shipment a certificate of conformance stating: The material type, applicable specifications, lot/heat number, date code, serial number and the manufacture of the material.  The seller must be able to trace these materials to all delivered items.


9.   Functional Test Reports/Verification: When functional tests are specified by this purchase order or by the design documentation, the actual test results shall be submitted.


9a. Functional Test Report/Verification First Article: When functional tests are specified by this purchase order or by the design documentation, the actual test results shall be submitted.  A copy of the test procedure shall be submitted with the first report on each item(s) purchased under this purchase order. When specified by the purchase order for test verification/witness by R&D a 48 hour notification is required prior to start of test. Copies of the purchase order, test procedure, and related correspondence shall be made available to the R&D Representative upon request.


9b. Functional Test Procedures: When required Functional Test Procedures shall be submitted for approval prior to use of procedure.


10. Special Process Procedures: The supplier is required to have written processing and process control documentation for items supplied. Special processes include, but not limited to, Liquid Penetrant, Heat Treatment, Welding, Soldering(IPC/EIA J-STD-002 & J-STD-003), Chemical Films, Plating, Prime and Painting.  Objective evidence that verifies compliance to this requirement is required with every shipment.


11. Special Process Certification: Suppliers engaged in the performance of special process activity, as defined in Clause 10, (or the manufacturing of registered components), must submit applicable procedure to R&D Quality Control for approval prior to the initiation of production efforts. Approval shall be based on acceptability of procedures and compliance with certification requirements as imposed by the specification. There shall be no changes to these processes after R&D’s approval without submitting changes to R&D for approval.


11a.  Special Process Suppliers: Sub-Tier Special process suppliers shall be approved by R & D Electronics. Where applicable those special process suppliers may be required to be on R & D Electronics’ Customers Special Process Supplier List. (If required R & D Electronics will supply a list of approved suppliers along with the PO placed.) Objective evidence that verifies compliance to this requirement is required with every shipment.  For all special processes required by the purchase order, the supplier shall furnish to R & D Electronics, with the delivery of products, the certification/test report issued by the company that actually performed the process. All certification/test reports shall, as a minimum, include a complete description of the special process performed including:

            a. process name, applicable specification and revision, type, class, grade, etc.

            b. when applicable, a statement that the process was performed by certified operator(s)


12. Documentation Maintenance: The supplier shall retain objective evidence of the item supplied (Manufacturing, assembly, inspection, test, and special process records) for five years after the contract is complete. These records shall be made available to R&D upon request.


13. Quality Management System: ISO Q9001:2000 Quality Program Requirement and compliance thereto is applicable to this purchase order and is subject to review/audit.


14. Quality / Inspection System: The supplier shall maintain a Quality System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, (ISO) ANSI Q9002, AS9003, and ISO 9003 or as a minimum, MIL-I-45208. Manufacturers shall certify parts and material were inspected and comply with applicable drawing specification and purchase order requirements. Distributors providing items must maintain manufacturing records indicating test and other manufacturing data to reflect manufacturer’s compliance to (ISO) ANSI Q9002, ISO 9003, AS9003 or MIL-I-45208 as a minimum.  Distributions shall make every attempt to purchase material direct from the manufacture. When such is not possible, the distributor will provide documentation that identifies all distributors and the manufacture with each shipment.


15. First Article Inspection: A First Article Inspection (FAI) is required in addition to inspection requirements elsewhere in this purchase order. First article inspections shall be performed in accordance with Aerospace Standard (AS) 9102. A FAI shall be conducted by the seller and objective evidence submitted with each shipment (ref para. 5.2). The FAI shall consist of :


1.              A complete, independent , and documented physical and functional inspection process to verify that prescribed production methods have produced an acceptable item as specified by  engineering drawings, planning, purchase order, engineering specifications and/or other applicable design documents.

2.              Witnessing of the Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP) will also become a part of the FAIR when applicable.

3.              Any changes, as defined in AS 9102, paragraph 5.3 or a break in production of one (1) year or more shall require a new FAI.


4.              Inspection results shall be documented by recording variable data whenever possible.  Attribute data will be recorded only when variable data is not available.

5.              AS9102 or equivalent forms shall be used.

6.              Original FAI reports and supporting documentation shall be included with delivery of the initial first article.

7.              A copy of the FAI reports and supporting documentation shall be retained at the seller’s facility in accordance with record retention requirements defined elsewhere in this purchase order.

8.              For deliveries subsequent to the initial delivery, the seller shall include a copy of the first page (AS9102 Form 1) of FAI report with each shipment.


9.              First article inspection is required for the part/assembly number(s) included on the purchase order with no exceptions.

10.          First article inspection is required for subassemblies and detail parts that make up the configuration item(s) included on this purchase order, with the following exceptions:

11.          a) Seller Design Authority

12.          For subassemblies and/or detail parts where the seller has design authority, First Article inspection requirements shall be as defined in the statement of requirements.

13.          (b) Catalog and Commercial Off-the-shelf

14.          If the part number, as listed on this purchase order, is for a buyer or seller designed product that has standard catalog or commercial off-the-shelf hardware included at subassembly levels, then FAI is not required for the standard catalog of commercial off-the-shelf /arts/assemblies.

15.          R & D supplier quality representative shall stamp AS9102 form 1, Part No. Accountability or equivalent as evidence of R & D Electronics acceptance


16. 100% Inspection: The supplier shall perform and record inspection of all measurable characteristics for one (1) part of each line item per Mil-Std-105. This data is to be recorded in the unit of measure as indicated on the drawing. This data shall be submitted with each part(s) shipment. The record must identify each characteristic and the allowable tolerance limits, and show objective evidence that each characteristic has been inspected and accepted.


17. General Inspection: The supplier shall generate and maintain records and data of all inspections and test performed. Records shall disclose the status of articles, materials, evidence of inspections, tests performed, and include dates. 100% inspection shall be performed on all critical and major characteristics and interface control points. This data is to be recorded in the unit of measure as indicated on the drawing.


18. Calibration System: The supplier shall have a calibration system/program which meets the requirements of MIL-STD-45662, ISO 100012-1, and/or ANZI 540.1. Certificate of Compliance(Calibration) shall state demonstration of standard used.


19. R&D Inspection: R&D Source Inspection is required on this order. All items are subject to in-process surveillance by R&D Quality Control Representative. Shipments shall not be made without source release inspection by R&D. The supplier shall notify R&D Quality Control 48 hours in advance of designated Mandatory Inspection Points. Copies of the purchase order with change orders and related documents shall be made available to the R&D Representative upon request. The First Article Inspection Report must show evidence of R&D Source acceptance and must accompany the first article shipment.


Note: Source release does not constitute final acceptance, which is performed upon receipt and inspection of the item at the designated R&D receiving department.


20. Electrostatic Discharge Control(ESD): The supplier shall be responsible for assuring that parts are procured, handled and packaged in accordance with “Electrostatic Discharge Control”, DOD-STD-1686, DOD-HDBK-263 or ANSI/ESD S20.20-1999.


21. Solderability: Acceptance of materials procured by this purchase order will be predicated upon compliance with criteria for solderability testing as set forth in: MIL-STD-202, Method 208; MIL-STD-750, Method 2026; MIL-STD-883, Method 2003 and or J-STD-002 as applicable.


21a. Solderability Samples: Solderability samples shall be provided to R & D Electronics for record retention. This should include test data, copy of test log sheet, and any Solderability samples tested. Samples should be bagged and tagged separate from production hardware deliveries.


22. NHB5300.4(1C): The supplier inspection program shall be accordance with NASA Quality Publication NHB 5300.4(1C) “ Inspection System Provisions for Aeronautical and Space System Materials, Parts, Components, and Services”. Suppliers will invoke this publication on their suppliers as appropriate to the extent necessary to ensure the required quality of purchased materials, parts, and components.


23. Specialty Metals:  The supplier shall certify their product meets the requirements of DFARS 252.225-7014, Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals, providing only products that contain specialty metals that are in compliant with the DFARS clause.


24. Pure Tin: All products supplied on this purchase order shall be free of solder, plating, coatings, and claddings that exhibit either of the following:

            a) Material composition greater than 97% tin by weight

            b) Tin alloy with composition of less than 3% lead by weight


       Noncompliance to this requirement must be approved in writing prior to acceptance of this purchase order.


25. First Article Inspection:  (first time suppliers) The supplier is required to perform 100% inspection and record variable (actual) data for the first article manufactured to the configuration specified on this order.  An inspection report and any associated data (material certs, test reports, etc. ) shall be delivered along with the first article shipment.  This data is to be recorded in the unit of measure as indicated on the drawing.  The inspection records shall identify all drawing characteristics, the allowable tolerance limits and the actual dimensions measured.



26. Quality Management System:  (ISO) ANSI Q9001, AS9100 or MIL-Q-9858 Quality Program requirements and compliance thereto are applicable to this purchase order and are subject to review/audit.


27. Foreign Object Debris/Damage Prevention:   The supplier shall develop and maintain a Foreign Object Debris/Damage (“FOD”) prevention program for manufacturing areas to prevent introduction of foreign objects into any item delivered under this purchase order.  The supplier shall employ appropriate housekeeping practices to assure timely removal of residual/debris generate, if any, during manufacturing operations and /or normal daily tasks.  The supplier shall determine if sensitive areas that may have a high probability for introduction of foreign objects should have special emphasis controls in place appropriate for the manufacturing environment.  The supplier shall determine the need for, and implement, FOD prevention awareness training programs.


28. Seller agrees that the work produced internally and/or the work procured from sub-tier suppliers under this contract shall comply with the following requirements unless a documented request for change is approved by an R & D Electronics procurement representative.

1.      Work shall not be moved from the original location of manufacturer to another location of manufacture within a production facility or to any other production facility.

2.      Where first article inspection is required, work shall not be moved from the original location where the product was produced at the time of first article inspection acceptance.

3.      No changes shall be made to the design, manufacturing processes, materials or activities that affect fit, form or function.

4.      A fit, form or function analysis shall be performed, documented, and included with any request for change.

5.      A documented process shall be in place to review, identify and submit a request for change to R & D Electronics procurement representative. Such notification shall not constitute approval of the proposed changed nor relieve supplier of supplier’s obligation to comply with requirements contained in this contract.  If the proposed change is approved, the change shall be incorporated into the purchase order by amendment.

6.      The establishment of process controls and development of control plans where key characteristics have been identified.


29. Control and Notification of Non-Conforming Product: Upon discovery, the Supplier shall segregate and control non-conforming material to prevent unauthorized shipments of such material to R & D Electronics. The supplier shall immediately notify R & D Electronics in the event of nonconforming material that can not be reworked or replaced to purchase order requirements by the supplier. The supplier shall hold the material until R & D renders a disposition. The disposition shall e referenced on the Suppliers shipping document with each applicable shipment.


30. Specifications and Standards: Military specifications and standards reverenced shall be to the latest revision level in effect on the date of this order, unless otherwise specified.