R&D Electronics - Nunn Perry Recipient

R&D Electronics, Inc.
2007 Nunn-Perry Award Recipient

Brownsboro, Alabama: March 2007

R&D Electronics Inc., along with our Mentor Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control, has been awarded the prestigious Nunn-Perry Award by the Department of Defense (DoD). Eight mentor-protégé teams, consisting of large DoD contractors (mentors) and their small business protégés received this honor for 2007.

The award recognizes the ability of diverse small businesses to establish successful partnerships with leading DoD Suppliers through the Mentor Protégé Program. Winners have demonstrated their ability to achieve cost-efficiencies, enhance technical capabilities, and increase DoD prime contracting and subcontracting with major prime contractors. The Nunn-Perry, first awarded in 1995, is named in honor of former Sen. Sam Nunn and former Secretary of Defense William Perry.

Nunn-Perry Award